T h i n k i n g c l e a n

Why the hell do we do what we do, think what we think day in, day out, everyday of our lives ?

There are addictive patterns, habits, ways in which we have decided to live our lives.

Most of us come to a point, we decide to sit back for a second, reflect and try to figure how we manifest good vibes and happiness.

Some have just woken up after a habitual pattern of madness and want to find a way out !

Some, quite simple beings are content just being who they are, they crack on along a straight line of life as they know it, with slight ups and downs, but no major questions are asked. If happiness were on the pH scale they would be sat neutrally on number 7. They have no reason to look further or ask big questions.

We are all on a completely different path and at different times of our lives most of us will experience the the above situations. Some will judge others and question why they do such things. Some will be happy for others successes and some will begrudge and feel jealousy.

Whatever we take on and manifest within ourselves from these scenarios is really only what matters. There is no point in taking on anger or negative feelings from others, but only feeling blessed within.

The moment someone or something starts to aggravate you, then that is the moment to take control ! I would love to say I can execute this taking control action every time, but I find it very hard. I'm sure a lot of you reading this also do !

We have inadvertently trained our brains to think in certain ways and to react the way we do to every situation we face. The way we react can be changed with practise, just like practising physical skills to perform in sport. To be able to control our feelings, emotions and reactions is so unbelievably important to our wellbeing, but only few of us take it seriously !

To think negative or to react with anger is like eating a McDonalds Double Cheese Wanger, or whatever they're called !

If you don't already then it's time to start not only eating cleanly, but also thinking cleanly !

So how does one do this after so many years of the same cognitive thought patterns ?

Read on .......



We underestimate how easy it is to change our thoughts.

Before we decide to change, we have to decide if we actually want to change. We also have to believe that the change we are about to make is the right change. That may be the hardest part ! Then simply all you have to do is flick the switch. Just like stopping a sneeze in mid convulsion. We have the choice to either hold it in or let it out, we can also make the decision to sound a loud noise, or silently let the involuntary expulsion of air pass with as little attention attracted at all. We make the decision during the slightly orgasmic build up, factoring in who we are with and what environment we are in.

When we feel pain we can decide how much that pain will bother us. We can grit and intensify the pain or relax into it and simply go with the flow.

When we step into a cold or hot climate we can make it feel colder or hotter with the reactions and thoughts that manifest at that time.

Naturally we will always let a sneeze out, we will grit and intensify the pain and we will express how hot or cold it is outside.

Life can be a lot easier if we simply go with the flow, if we breath into each situation with comfort and ease. Use the pain, embrace the cold and let your muscles relax in the warmth. Don't ever grit, tense up and make situations worse than they are.

It's time to take over the natural and habitual ways of defeatist, obstructive behavioural patterns that have become the norm in day to day life. It's time to manifest pure positivity by embracing and enjoying the forces of nature that are thrown at us every day. It's time to step out of our comfort zones and feel real existence once again.

You can practise this in every day life very simply.

- You might be sat at a dinner table with unpleasant company, instead of feeling upset, angry, tense and worked up, simply accept what is being said, or try to understand a different perspective other than your own, or if this becomes very hard then make the choice to listen only to those you want to. Don't pain yourself with the voice of negativity, zone out and use the time to breath and stay calm.

- You might of forgotten your jacket on a cold day out. Don't complain and tell everyone how cold you are, breath deep and challenge yourself to create heat from breath work.

- You may be feeling like the world is against you and nothing is going your way ! Tell yourself there is only up from here, start to think about when things were going right for you, feel and visualise those feelings in meditation, try to reinstate those feelings instead of dwelling in sorrow.

- Take a cold shower every day, learn how to relax in that temperature. this will prepare your body for when it faces real life stressful situations.

Making these small changes in everyday life will help you to make bigger, better and clearer decisions, that will change the course of your life for the best.

photo - Toby Butler

Naturally we will forget all of this and go back to the easy way of being, The way most of us think and react. We are all creatures of habit, just like an alcoholic will pop into the bottle shop with any spare change, or the same words and one liners get spoken when you bump into someone in the street, we will return to an easier way of thinking and acting, which can be quite unfulfilling and repetitive.

If you want to become the best version of yourself then make the decision to do so now. Start practising clean thinking, start speaking the truth, start talking with meaning and fulfil your potential as a human being.

Be proud of what you have done and who you have become. If the world was to end tomorrow, ask yourself, are you acting and thinking like its your last day in existence ! I'm not saying to act like this everyday, but maybe every now and then would be enough !