Reconnecting with what’s real, by real I mean nature, the life that surrounds us, the vibrations that are given off, every little living thing that encompasses us and make us feel alive. 

The birds fly by, clouds float and drift in the sky, the tides, they bulge high then dry. 

Everyday activity that can easily be ignored in the busy lives of many. 

We forget. But understand that reconnection will come, it will come when bliss overtakes false importance. 

Bliss will stabilise, bliss will slow us down and reciprocate love. 

To set out on an intrepid adventure with a tent may just be the answer one is looking for, it may just be the perfect tool to reconnect to the land, the ocean and the surroundings in every day life.

At first the battle for time off work, the battle of change. Fighting fear of unsettling out of routine activity. 

It is exactly these challenges that bring us back to real life. The concept of what might be, from the nude swim to the high cliff jump into the glassy turquoise blue below. 

When we stop what we’re doing, get out of our routine worlds that we believe to be so important, we soon realise that there is more than what we believe to be of value. 

It’s so easy to be tangled up, stressed and confused over such small things. 

I write from a perspective of being in that place sometimes, I write to those that are a little lost, those that want change, those that want to reconnect with real life. 

Grab a tent and take off somewhere, anywhere. Slow it all down, enjoy the process of boiling water on a camping stove and hearing it whistle. Light a fire and stare into its hot glow. Indulge in the night sky, listen to the bird song, the crashing of waves or the trickle of the stream and let your mind drift in and out of consciousness. Breath deep, the fresh oxygen and just let go.