P r e s e n t

A new blog devoted to being present, to understanding life and its mysterious ways.

I want to share my experiences of life as I have grown to understand it.

Through the ups and downs, trials and tribulations.

My goals are set on the Olympic stage, but join me on the more important journey of life.

I hope to feed positivity in all, through methods of madness and calm.


photo - Toby Butler


It's true, The world we live in today is pretty insane. We are all learning a lot more, a lot faster, through high speed networks about the reality of how our planet and the people in control of it are operating. The big questions are - What do we all do about it ? How can we help ? How do we stay in control of our minds when shit hits the fan ? There are many questions and supposedly many answers for everything thats going on today, from global warming, famine, plastic pollution to mental health problems. Maybe the answer to all these catastrophic issues lies within each other !

I believe that simple acts of kindness, alongside other pursuits that I will go on to talk about here on this blog, can result in a paradigm shift and movement in a positive direction.

Over time these simple acts may bring focus and clarity of the mind, body and soul. Once achieved, the world is truly your Oyster, Let the optimism feed positivity and let your true self shine.

We have all been given a gift , but sometimes that gift is hidden, or lost in translation. That gift is your key to success and when you find it your true potential is limitless.

Let us awaken our senses, get back to the roots of what makes us happy and start a revolution of mindfulness.

I'm only just beginning to work all of this crazy stuff out myself, as I'm sure many of you reading this also are, so bare with me.

I'm not happy to rest upon my laurels just yet and accept that this is it.

My goals are set, but my journey is more important than the end result.