L i v i n g S i m p l y I s S i m p l y L i v i n g

As we sit here listening to the random clock tower bells echoing their pleasant chimes around the curved mountainside of Calheta, we ponder our thoughts of life !

We can feel warmth from the sun and the vast ocean swirls in the wind 100ft below us.

Dogs bark in the distance and the odd cockerel crows all day long.

This place is like no other, but yet a combination of many.

Sipping on a cold Coral with the salt still drying on my face, I feel grateful for health, Grateful for company, grateful to feel in the present moment.

The land has risen to great heights over the years, high above the clouds.

Men have paved water ways and stable paths through the Eucalyptus forests.

The healing scent half way up is pure and strong.

Bananas are in abundance in the fertile volcanic soil.

An old man plants onion sets below us, just enough for a family of four.

There goes the bells again !

Simply living, is living simply and I think the people here have really mastered that.

Men drink coffee and play cards on a Monday morning in the winter sun.

Local fruit growers drive through towns delivering sweet, exotic goods to whomever is in need.

It seems like the 1st world hasn’t jailed this Jurassic Island just yet and I hope it never does.

We travel here to explore and to experience, to ride the powerful Atlantic swells that have traveled thousands of miles to meet us.

We travel here to taste the luscious lady fingers.

We travel here to meet friendly new faces and to simply escape our normal routine.