A long wet winter had passed, The thought of you clearly on both our minds.

We had waited a long time for you. The time is not now we said, when we move to Nancledra will be the right time.

Our fear of not being able to travel again, our lifetime habits about to change, our expensive sofa about to get pissed on.

To look at an opportunity in fear is discouraging to say the least, but as I sit here with you nibbling at my toenails, with no care at all that your shit filled crevices between your pads are going all over our precious furniture has to say something.

Driving over the river severn, our hearts start to flutter and our stomachs fill with butterflies . We had only seen you on a screen and almost lost you by bartering. 2 days later the phone rings and the deal was done.

You were ours. The start of our little family I suppose. A hairy member, but still a member of our clang. As we pulled into the car park looking for you, Hannah almost through up !

I caught a glimpse of you in the wing mirror of our car, sat there in a cage, with a pile of sick next to you. Poor thing had another 3 hours to go till you arrived home.

It wasn’t to bad though cause you sat on Hannah’s lap the whole way home and you realised that you had a lovely new family, who were going to take great care of you.

You turned Hannah into a true dog owner the moment you soaked her though to her pants with wee.

You smelt like hamster sawdust and your ears flopped low below your chin. Your puppy dog eyes got us every time. Our first night at home we decided where your bed was going to be. You liked that crufts was on the t.v and it made you feel at home.

As we watched you grow over the next few months, Hannah grew less and less nervous and we learnt to live in new routines.

We both always wanted to get up earlier and we both wanted to look after something else other than our selves.

You make us smile every day, no matter what you do.

The puppy biting was certainly testing, but you thankfully grew out of that.

You can sit, lie down, turn around, roll over and fetch duck, what a clever boy you are already. We can’t imagine what you will be doing in a year or so. Hopefully you will stop eating all our socks and clothes, although Hannah always complained she didn’t like any of her clothes, so im sure she wouldn’t mind if you carried on eating hers.

You have lightened up our worlds Rusty, our walks more meaningful, our minds more relaxed and our hearts more full. You're gonna have the best life ever, chasing rabbits off of our veggie patch, running wild in the fields of Nancledra, trying to catch Trout in the stream and finding sunny spots to reminisce on a hard days work.

Thanks for coming into our lives Rusty Rocket .

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