Hey, I'm Jayce.

Professional  surfer from StIves Cornwall and current English Champion. I love surfing, exploring, spearfishing and getting creative with photography. 

I've been lucky enough to have traveled from the age of 12, all over the world, living my very own dream. 

I'm now 31 years young with more energy and enthusiasm for life than I have ever had before. 

Some of my life goals have been achieved, like winning multiple British titles and surfing waves that I have dreamed of for years. 

I want to advocate clean living, healthy lifestyle, happiness and respect to this amazing  planet we live on. 

Be it competing, searching, big waves, small waves, fishing, exploring, creating new experiences... As long as happiness and joy comes from it all, I'm in. 

My main focus right now is to qualify for the 2021 Olympic Games and will need all the help and support I can get to help fulfil this goal of mine. 

My ambitions for the future are to carry on doing exactly what I'm doing now - living happily experiencing new and exciting places, waves and meeting new people along the way.

I feel driven to experiment with new crafts, train hard, keep learning and to seek real living in every avenue I venture upon. 

I love creating content, I'm always looking for new partners that want to collaborate and work on new, exciting projects.